sunshine flower tea treatment of high blood fat,treatment of hypertension,treatment of high blood sugar

Sunshine flower tea is made by kinds of flowers, we use the proportion of scientific and strict selection and on the basis of our predecessors developed a more effective formula.

Composition: Cloves, Cuckoo, PeonyPurple Salvia, Puerarin flower.Euonymus,Ophiopogon,Agrimony

Dosage: One day take one bag with hot water. One bag can brew 1~3 cups(2~300ml per cup) of hot water.

Suitable crowd: Diabetes II people,Fat people or hypertension,high cholesterol high blood sugar,insomnia,astriction people.
Flower Tea time
*Blood sugar:
(Fasting blood-glucose)  (Normal ref: 3.9--6.2mmoL/L)
*Blood pressure:
(Normal ref: <120/80 mmHg)
*Blood lipid:
(Normal ref: TC<5.20mmol/L)
Mr. Gu


11.6 mmoL/L with Pioglitazone and 48 units of insulin perday.And insomnia
160/100mmHg with nifedipine.
TC 6.67 mmol/L not taking medicine
After six months

6.3 mmoL/L with no medicine and 28 units of insulin perday. No insomnia

110/85mmHg only take nitroglycerin when feels chest discomfort.

TC 5.06 mmol/L not taking medicine


Mrs. Fu
6.5mmoL/L with no medicine, astriction

170/120mmHg with nebivolol etc.

TC 7.69 mmol/L not taking medicine

After two months
5.5mmoL/L with no medicine, No Astriction

130/85mmHg with no medicine

TC 4.50 mmol/L no taking medicine


Mr. Williams

8.6 mmoL/L with 2 medicines

150/70 mmHg with no medine

7.35 mmol/L with no medicine

After four months

5.8 mmoL/L with no medicine

120/68 mmHg with no medine

5.57 mmol/L with no medicine


Mrs. Smith


6.0 mmoL/L with no medicine

130/100 mmHg with 1 medicine

5.0 mmol/L with no medicine


After three months

5.2 mmoL/L with no medicine

115/80 mmHg with no medicine

3.7 mmol/L with no medicine

**Up to now there are have no bad report feedback to us***
Sunshine Flower Tea 100% made by flowers and herbs, We guarantee that the green and zero pollution!


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In China, there are different mean for DIABETES !

What is Diabetes? Diabetes, we all heard this word many times.Western medicine call diabetes are sweet polyuria, then the Chinese call it is wasting-thirst, it means Marasmus and Polydipsia. From the medical point of fact, diabetes has such a definition point of view: it is environmental and genetic two factors common and long-term effect.

It is a chronic systemic metabolic disease. Speaking the chronic that got no better when it comes to generalized throughout the body that are affected, said a lot of metabolic disorders metabolic disease, not just a bad blood sugar, and blood lipids, blood pressure, including electrolytes, including when it comes to acute complications some acid poisoning, water metabolism disorder, the body metabolism.

The clinical manifestations of it probably consists of two aspects, one is high blood sugar, urine sugar caused more than three a little more, eat more, drink more, urinating more, weight loss. Another complication is caused by the symptoms, such as diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy, and so on.



How cause diabetes?

The disease is comprehensive caused by pathogenic factors, especially for alcohol, eat fatty foods and excessive mental stress, whereas the combination of factors, the incidence of these three people is the most popular.

But whatever emotion, make love, love greasy, alcohol and other factors, the main pathological cause Diabetes are all the accumulated of fire and impairment of Yin, and then weak Yin can’t hold Yang, Yang turn into the fire then make fire more heavy(in chinese medicine the Yang is the same as fire, Yin is opposite by yang and hold yang, balance body yin and yang is the same quantity), that fire depletion of lung,spleen,kidney and other organs and then people will feeling thirst, although drink more, still feeling very thirst. And fire is also affect the stomach,makes stomach  hot and feeling hunger,although eating more ,still feeling very hunger, and this fire finial will affect the muscle and let muscle become thin. And when this fire affect kidney, the ying of kidney will  lose,that makes people sperm get bad and the quality getting down, and later will make people polyuria and the taste sweet or fattiness.

But in the finally there are the same result for people:harm the Yin of lung, stomach, kidney and then turn to the diabetes.And there are three diabetes symptoms:

(1)Too many fire in the body: Long time eating fat food,alcohol and heavy taste, these will makes spleen and stomach occlusion disorder and get fire inside, harm the ying of organs and turn to the diabetes.

(2)Too long time mental stimulation,emotional stress,fly off the handle and make the fire burning, and then harm the organs and turn to the diabetes.(Some people is caused too much thinking all day, and getting bad mood then make the fire and turn to diabetes.)

(3)Congenital deficiency. This kind of symptom mainly caused by descendiblity or bad health at young stage, most of Type I diabetes are this symptom.

How we treatment diabetes ?

By improving and repairing multi-organs' functions, Sunshine Flower Tea synthetically increases the overall immune ability and makes the disease recovery. Moistening yin fluids of heart and lungs as well as producing saliva let patients feel comfortable with less fidgety and confusion in mind. The yang (likes fire) of Pi (spleen) and Stomach will be reduced by sunshine flower tea so that the diet frequency is going to be decreased to prevent excessive yang (fire) from overtaking.
The liver and kidney will be yin-yang balanced by Moisten, which can make the organs recovered and the energy filled up.
By the series of adjusting, patients will get gradually improvement in their body and towards healthy state.

Our tea is also have good treatment effect on high blood fat and hypertension, ordinay the blood pressure will getting down after take one ~ two weeks .At the same time the people will feel more and more comfortable.

sunshine flower tea treatment of high blood fat,treatment of hypertension,treatment of high blood sugar
Component Information
Purple Salvia can make aortic plaque area is significantly reduced. Serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, reduced to a certain extent.Inhibits high-fat diet lipids rise.And through research found that can inhibit endogenous cholesterol synthesis in the cell.
Puerarin flower can improve the regenerative capacity of liver cells, to adjust the normal liver function and promoting bile secretion and prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. Promote metabolism, enhance liver detoxification function.
Euonymus dredge the meridians and lower blood sugar and urine sugar
Ophiopogon can moisten Yin, improve insomnia,

Agrimony has the role of the tonic, strong body.Available over-rule labor, pale complexion, blood deficiency, dizziness.

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